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Nursery School- ON THE THRESHOLD

JSSPS, SJCE CAMPUS, Kindergarten section is truly the proverbial ‘Home away from Home.’ The teachers here are tender yet firm, kind, gentle, considerate and approachable. Mothers in every respect, eager to reach out and touch the lives of the little angels placed with so much confidence in their care by the ever doting parents.

Time spent here is very enjoyable as it is mixed with plenty of activities just needed for children at this age. We use the Montessori Approach with a specially set syllabus for Nursery Education. (LKG, UKG)

Creativity in the child is expressed through clay modeling, block building and designing using indigenous material. Writing of alphabets and numerals are reinforced by activities using concrete objects, and other allied activities..

Each child is an individual and allowed the freedom within the learning experience to select his /her own way of achieving it. By keeping direction and help to a minimum, we help children to effectively ‘teach themselves’.