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Smt. Sathi Devi .E.S

Robust morality can only be developed by complete knowledge of what really happens in the world, where good exists alongside evil. For this, education should lead to development of intellectual qualities such as reflection, introspection and open-mindedness; the inner search, faith in one’s inherent goodness and determination to overcome one’s negative emotions that will kindle the spiritual awakening leading to more good in the society. Therefore, the young ones must understand that here is only one corner of the universe, you can be certain of improving and that is your own self. Education is universally recognized as the one essential instrument for formation and development of oneself. Besides learning, the technical and informative aspects, which is the present day need, a more holistic approach is required.

Life is an amalgamation of experiences, some challenging, some frustrating, some exciting, and some harrowing. The new pattern of education should emphasize hence, on conceptualization and integration of education to our vocational needs and become need based including life skills in its journey. This will only help one to unravel one’s potential and lead an individual to compete with others and face the challenges.

The turn of the millennium is also the dawn of a new awakening in our professional journey. Globalization, emergence of new knowledge, economies, technological advances, terrorism, New parenting patterns and emerging health issues have impacted our lives and the younger generation. The generation X which has grown in the tech-savvy world is not prepared to be a passive consumer of media and knowledge. New pedagogies, embracing different styles requires unlearning and relearning. A right synthesis of traditional and progressive factors should beintegrated and applied perfectly in today’s global thinking.