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In our school is there is an outcome of intensive research & development which balances a combination of core academics and multiple intelligences. Special focus is given to foreign language learning to prepare students for global citizenship. Freedom of thought and expression and learning beyond books is encouraged through an enquiry based learning approach.

The learning ladder has 5 steps in it. The first is to ‘listen’ to the ‘inquiry’ which describes a child’s thirst for knowledge and information. The next step is to ‘learn’ where children enquire and investigate everything they see in their surroundings which highlights their basic characteristic of curiosity. Next is ‘Innovate’ which continues with the spirit of inquisitiveness. They interact with peers, teachers’ experts, toys & tools or technology to unwind their curiosity wherein they can practically explore to understand the interconnection & interdependence of concepts. Innovation is the expression given to creativity. Thus, the next step is, to ‘apply’ which is a product of emulous efforts to fulfill inquisitive thought& confident interaction. Each creative expression thus is concretized and the last step is to ‘implement ’which is boundless and not limited to measurability and each creative expression is a new bench mark on the child’s developmental continuum.