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The school has a good infrastructure which includes physics, Chemistry, Biology,, Maths and an English lab for spoken English. The lab helps students in examining, interpreting and evaluating the practical aspects of the respective subjects

JSSPS has a well equipped computer lab. Computer education is imparted to students from class I to X. It is so organized that on completion of class X, the students become familiar with the latest technology and software application.

English Language Lab: Using modern technology, the state of the art lab stresses on different aspects of English language learning like grammar, phonetics, usage and spoken English.

The linguaphone caters to listening, understanding, repeating and assessing the learner’s skill in the English     language. At present, students from V to X are using these systems to enhance their oral skills.   It is the most natural way to learn English. A time table has been framed for students to visit the language lab once a week. They enjoy listening to their own recorded speech on the linguaphone.They get a lot of opportunities to interact with their classmates in role play, dialogue and casual conversation using the programmed modules for learning English effectively.

Mathematics Lab: Students who are to learn mathematics are driven into the mathematics lab activities, which help them decode abstract objects and to exhibit the relatedness of mathematics with everyday life. Mathematics skills and their applications form an indispensable tool in our daily life, and the school removes the phobia of mathematics that makes it tough to learn – something that has become one of the main causes of student failures. So, we try to decode the concepts as the subject is largely deductive and abstract in nature. A number of recreational activities in maths are held throughout the year.