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Manasa Foundation, a non-profit, non-religious, spiritual organisation was founded by Guruji Krishnananda in 1988 to take The Saptarishis’ Path to spiritual seekers. Swami Krishnananda is a highly respected philosophical writer in the areas of metaphysics, the Upanishads, yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice. Manasa Foundation was established with a view to make people aware about self-transformation through meditation and positive thoughts. The foundation encourages each individual to live a peaceful, purposeful and creative life and helps them to face the complexities of living.

Every Saturday, after the assembly, the students stay back on the ground to take part in meditation under the guidance of two volunteers from Infosys, Mysore, who are members of the Manasa Foundation, Bangalore.

They have introduced Light channelling in our school. Students have channelled Light and have experienced miraculous benefits. The parents and the School Authorities are happy witnessing the changes in the children, their studies and behaviour.