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Morning Assembly- Shiksha & Adhyayan

A positive School Ethos

Morning Assembly is the time when the entire the school community assembles at an appropriate place to affirm the school’s identity and aspirations.

Our school strives to make the assembly as interesting and perfect as possible .Keeping in mind, the students ‘shifting span of attention’, we ensure that monotony does not set in. The school assembly is generally led by the school pupil leader and teacher in charge for the day .We, as educators have the serious task of producing a generation which can contribute to the future and the overall development of the children. The assembly is the best forum to inspire and motivate students.

A morning starts with prayers and ensures a vedic culture. Through the word of mouth, the students learn to memorize the scriptures taught, thereby preserving the ancient Indian culture. Theme based assemblies in the school’s four houses stimulate students to think deeply on vital ethical and moral issues in the backdrop of our school environment to understand the interdependence of elements in nature.